Chau Gong

Agazarian Chau Gong

The Agazarian Chau Gong with Mallet — also known as a Tam-Tam — is carefully handcrafted in the centuries-old tradition from the Hubei Province of China.

Born from the fired cast of a distinctive bronze alloy, this Chau gong brings a big, deep crash sound, providing a large spread of low tones with intricate characteristics for both performance and recording situations.

From a sustained drone to a building crescendo of fast explosive crashes, this hand-hammered gong with its raw “bull’s-eye” center works in symphonic applications. It also plays well in a variety of other musical genres, blending with a wide array of other instruments. Gong sizes include 26”, 30” and 34”. Gong mallet included.

• Chau gong with traditional turned-back edge
• Provides a big, deep crash sound, and a large spread of low tones with intricate characteristics
• Carefully crafted in the Hubei Province of China
• Hand hammered and hand polished using centuries old tradition
• Available sizes: 26”, 30” and 34”
• Gong mallet included
Matching stand available

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